• 1974

    Mr. John Clements and Mr. Cady Dominguez sealed the partnership of John Clements Consultants, Inc. for Executive Search.

    Mr. Clements had the technology, expertise and experience while Mr. Dominguez had the network, business savvy and passion to make things happen.

  • 1976

    Looking at the growing need of staffing of professionals, middle management down to rank and file, Professional Staffers Division was born in 1976.

    Partners, Mr. Clements and Mr. Dominguez decided that their new company was ready for an additional way by which they could partner with clients.

    They offered a new tool for clients to bring out the best in their people: Training.

  • 1979

    In 1979, Mr. Dominguez formed EDI Staffbuilders with Mr. John Corrigan, an Australian investment banker, to initially service projects in Saudi Arabia.

    It was a joint venture between EDI and Staffbuilders, facilitated by the National Commercial Bank, the biggest in the Middle East. The company, for the long haul, was envisioned to rollout to overseas placement not only in the Middle East but to anywhere in the world.
  • 1984

    Saudi Arabia was suffering from a recession. Foreign investors were jittery and pulling out. This included John Corrigan, the partner of John Clements Consultants, Inc. in EDI Staffbuilders.

    Mr. Dominguez bought out John Corrigan. And EDI-Staffbuilders became 100% owned by John Clements Consultants, Inc. As the executive search and training market grew and matured, new, small companies sprang up to get a slice of the business pie solely owned until then by John Clements. Despite the onslaught of competition (which undercut costs), however, John Clements enjoyed what made it successful from day one: solid partnership with its clients, based on mutual trust and respect.
  • 1991

    In 1991, another promising market caught Mr. Dominguez's eyes: Jakarta. He sent two of his consultants to case the joint, so to speak, and to set up a manual of future operations.

    One year later, John Clements Consultants, Inc. conducted supervisory seminars on "Salesmanship" in Indonesia. One of its clients was the Bank of Niaga - one of the top 10 banks out of 120 in the country -- which sent its front liners to join the seminar. 1992- Mr. Dominguez, having a new partner, Mr. Andi Hatta, hatched PT John Clements Consultants, Indonesia in 1992. The company would be offering all the services John Clements in the Philippines was offering. In just a short time, major players in Indonesia like Conoco, General Motors, and IBM tapped PT John Clements Consultants Indonesia for executive search and training. Simultaneously, another door of opportunity was opened for John Clements to partner with new clients: Payrolling. This eased their plaint of doing payrolling, with its corresponding problems, in-house.
  • 1995

    Two more divisions formed in 1995 - Speednet and Shop 'n Check Philippines.

    1) To answer clients' needs in delivery and messengerial systems, job contracting/outsourcing, and collection services, Speednet, Inc. was established in January 1995. 2) To ensure performance productivity in the workplace, Shop 'n Check Philippines, a licensee of Shop 'n Check Worldwide (with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA), was likewise set up in December 1995. A performance checking system to ensure excellence in the workplace, it designs and conducts nationwide Mystery Shopping programs to provide information about the performance of customer-service personnel, in particular, - whether they are conforming to established standards and expectations. Shop 'n Check Philippines, a licensee of Shop 'n Check Worldwide (with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA). At the end of the second decade, John Clements Consultants, Inc. burgeoned as a company, like a cell multiplying itself many times over. It had formed many more partnerships with new clients in new functions - in finance and all other areas of day-to-day corporate services. As a global company, John Clements' standards had become global as well. It had to innovate further to compete in the international market. Staffbuilders Asia in 1995 aggressively explored new avenues to keep it growing, more viable - to offer better services to its clientele. Staffbuilders Asia caters to top multinational companies in need of outsourcing, project management, and staff-augmentation services. These services include Business Center, Call Center, Customer Care, Data Entry, Documentation, Accounting, Payrolling and Collection. These services come at a time when manpower expenses are becoming more and more unaffordable, companies are more driven to manage their core business and ready to outsource support functions.
  • 2002

    Barely two years passed, and in August 2002, Mr. Dominguez - without fuss or fanfare - suddenly fell ill and said goodbye to John Clements Consultants, Inc., the company he gave life to, nurtured, and grew for 28 years.

    Ms. Dominguez left her career at Citibank and came home to fill the vacuum her father had left. In a meeting of the Board of Directors, she was elected President of John Clements Consultants, Inc. Mr. Cesar Averia was elected President of EDI-Staffbuilders.
  • 2004

    In 2004, new developments emerge in the corporate world. Offshore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), has become huge and is rapidly growing at an unprecedented rate.

    The Call Center Industry is the fastest growing industry in world. The Philippines is an attractive destination for offshore BPO companies. The industry today is poised to employ thousands of Filipinos every month. Now thirty years in the business, John Clements Consultants, Inc. - started by two men who partnered under the unlikeliest of circumstances - has reached destinations that once were only inspired thoughts. Four sub-companies: RECRUITMENT, OUTSOURCING, MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS, HEALTH AND WELLNESS; and ten independent units under those sub companies - Executive Search and Selection, Professional Staffers, EDI Staffbuilders International, PT John Clements Consultants Indonesia, International Healthcare Consulting. Staffbuilders Asia, Speednet, Human Resources Development Consulting Division, John Clements Assessment and Development Center, Shop 'n Check Philippines, and Fitness International. The total client list of John Clements could fill up dozens of pages. It represents all industries from A to Z. The company' s future, then, can only be limited by the new leadership's imagination.
  • 2005

    Vision Mission Values

  • 2006

    The partnership between John Clements and Harvard Business Publishing was established.

  • 2007

    John Clements pioneered in opening a Job Store at the Festival Mall.

  • 2008

    John Clements opened a satellite office in cebu.